Industries & Components

Power generation: Compressors and turbines

Gas Compressors and Steam turbines generally have components with geometries that can be obtained by different casting processes.

At AMPO we manufacture and supply a wide range of parts for this industry. AMPO is approved, and has welding procedures in place, for the most common steels used in this field.

Product portfolio

  • Discharge and intake nozzles for gas compressors
  • Casings
  • Diffusors
  • Return bends
  • Diaphragm
  • Exhaust and inlet nozzles for steam turbines
  • Conical burners and rings for combustion chambers
  • Bearing housings

Component weight range: 50–6,000 kg.

Component examples

Conicals for industrial gas burners


Steam turbine assembly

WC6 - 2915 KG

Steam turbine upper and lower casing

WCB - 3418 KG