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At AMPO we are EXPERTS when it comes to manufacturing valve components. We have been producing parts for all types of valves and in all different types of material grades ever since our earliest days.

Whether ball, butterfly, gate, globe, check, axial check, plug, control, safety or rotary valve components, in any steel grade from carbon, stainless steel, duplex/super duplex, high nickel or other exotic alloys, you will find them at AMPO.

From casting and cladding/overlaying to finish machining as well as pipe welding, and FBE coating, AMPO is a leading name in the sector. In addition, AMPO also offers finished, machined, stainless steel FORGINGS. For any valve-related component, AMPO can provide it.

Product portfolio

  • Bodies
  • End connectors
  • Bonnets
  • Balls
  • Seats
  • Rings
  • Plugs
  • Wedges
  • Discs

Component weight range: 50–6,000 kg.

Component examples

Balls & seats

Inconel 625 - 8 inches

Butterfly valve body –

CF3M -780Kg


Duplex 4A - 56Kg

Choke valve casting

CF8M - 242 KG

F9 Forged valve components

Severe Service

High pressure forged body

347H - 14 2500

Machined butterfly valve body

CF3M -346Kg

Severe service valve bodies and ends

Monel M-35.1 AND CY40

Switch valve body

C12 - 819 KG

Switch valve body

C12 -1150Kg