Industries & Components

Separation and Filtering industry

We manufacture both external and internal finished or roughed machined parts for vertical and horizontal centrifuge machines, as well as for filtering machinery and decanters. We also have the capability to perform certain manufacture welding to some components.

Sand casting, Replicast, SCC (Shaped Centrifugal Casting) and Centrifugal Casting processes enable us to produce multiple types of such components.

Product portfolio

  • Head walls
  • Conical bowls
  • Center shaft section/tube
  • Inner and outer baskets
  • Pusher plates
  • Front walls (liquid and solid sides)


Component examples

Conical bowl

Duplex - Diam. 740mm

Outer ring

Duplex - 320 KG


Duplex - 900 KG

Scroll parts

Duplex 4A

Finished machined head wall

Duplex 4A - 1195 KG

Filter press component

1.4409 - 880 KG

Cylinder Bowl

Duplex 4A - Diam. 1200mm

Conical Bowl

Duplex 4A