AMPO FOUNDRY offers a wide variety of solutions, supplying both rough and fully machined parts.

Our machined components offer our customers an important added value, i.e. a reduction in total cost and delivery lead times, in addition to improved quality control. Our goal is to give our customers a complete service finished product service, superior machining capability, and better service with our new 12,500 m2 machining shop.

To achieve this, AMPO has invested strategically in new cutting-edge machining centers.

Flexible manufacturing system (FMS) lathes

These 2 separate, vertical, automatically managed lathes are used to manufacture complex parts, where high precision machining is always 100% guaranteed. (1 with “C” axis.)

Maximum outside diameter of the parts: 2500 mm or 98”, with a height of 2000 mm or 80”.

It is equipped with several machining heads and robotized tool magazine, with capacity for 520 tools. It also has a Flexible Manufacturing Logistics System with 10-pallet capacity, 2 centering stations and double carriage transfer. Upon completion of machining operations, the part can be measured by “Renishaw” test and tool geometry can be automatically corrected.

5-axis CNC machining center

This machining center is used to manufacture very complex and high added value parts, achieving high geometric accuracy. Maximum outside diameter of the parts: 1400 mm or 55” with a height of 1200 mm. The machine is fully equipped with a tool magazine with 650-tool capacity. The 24-pallet Flexible Manufacturing System offers greater operational autonomy, and the option of combining different parts to machine randomly.

These investments, along with our current machine park of machining centers, lathes, grinding machines, saws, etc., have put AMPO at the forefront of machining technology, enabling us to provide high added value solutions for the most severe applications and industries.

Machine park

2 Twin vertical lathes FMS

5 axis machining center FMS

1 vertical CNC lathe

9 Trevisan machining centers

7 Horizontal CNC lathes with C axis

2 sphere grinding machines