Having strategically invested in new cutting-edge machining centers and weld overlay technologies, and in addition to our casting capabilities, AMPO can also supply fully finished, machined, forged components. We offer a wide variety of forged components and materials in both open and closed die forgings, as well as drawn/bar specifications.

AMPO can offer and manufacture in-house High Pressure Class valve components with sizes ranging from 6” to 30”, and weights up to 10 metric tons.

From carbon steel materials (i.e: A105/LF2) or martensitic steels (i.e: F9, F91, F6, F6A) that may require some sort of weld overlay (i.e: inc. 625) to fully forged stainless steel specs (i.e: 347H, 317, 316H, 304H), AMPO is your one-stop shop for your casting and forging needs.

Ingot production

With our AOD Converter, we can produce a wide range of materials according to the customer’s needs, adapting to specific chemical compositions and requirements.

Ingots are manufactured to meet the specific requirements of customers.