Ethics and Transparency

Commitment to respect for human rights

AMPO recognizes the fundamental principles of the Declaration of Human Rights established by the United Nations in 1948, as the reference framework for our operations.

In Article 1 of its corporate bylaws, the organization, “AMPO, S. COOP.” defines itself as a “People-based Project”, relying on teamwork and communication in pursuit of full satisfaction for its own people, customers and external contributors, generating the profits that allow it to grow and develop, and to create new jobs, all within the context of cooperative principles, cooperation, solidarity, fairness, justice and participation, while also championing our social context, the environment and sustainable human development.

All the elements set out in the AMPO regulations have been drawn up in accordance with respect for the regulatory and legal provisions in force in each country, as well as the promotion and fulfillment of International Labor Organization conventions.

Commitment to governance and ethics

Compliance Policy

At AMPO we are absolutely committed to excellence in all spheres, including our ethical and legal responsibilities. We therefore have a Criminal Compliance Policy in place, setting out our “zero tolerance” of criminal or unethical acts. This compliance culture extends to and includes all our activities, both in Idiazabal and anywhere around the world where we have a presence.

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Code of Conduct

It is our decisions and actions that forge what we really are day by day, and the principles, values and behaviors which inspire us. At AMPO we know exactly what our vision is. In other words, where we are heading. We aim to be a cooperative project delivering solutions tailored to the needs of our clients, as a leading global player in the energy sector. But we must deliver that added value to our customers in an ethical and sustainable manner with regard to social progress.

And so the responsibility of every individual who belongs to the AMPO project is vital so as to continue strengthening our commitment to society. A responsibility based on appropriate ethical conduct in accordance with the criteria established in our Code of Conduct.

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