Ceramic moulding process development for large parts

Our AMPO FOUNDRY’s ceramic castings will be a strategic process in forthcoming years, which is why we have decided to boost and develop market penetration in this area. The advantages of this type of casting are clear: lower weights, better surface finishes, quality improvements, less milling required, tighter machining tolerances and rapid prototyping.

To offer our clients all these improvements AMPO has decided to develop this technology and to invest in a new Replicast facility. This will enable AMPO to offer large size casting components as well as increase its competitiveness thanks to process automation. Moreover, AMPO will increase its Ceramic Moulding capacity up to 240 tons per month and 60 parts a day, quadrupling its current capacity. With this technology AMPO will be able to offer customers more competitive pattern prices for short series.

As a result AMPO FOUNDRY will offer ceramic casting components for valves, pumps, marine and power generation. Large groups in the sector already rely on this technology in order to develop their new castings in AMPO. Moreover, with the development of this technology AMPO will also be able to ensure a brilliant service for After Market solutions.