Opening ceremony of the new ceramic moulding facility at Ampo Foundry

AMPO opened last November10th a new Ceramic Moulding facility, which will enable the company to offer large and complex shape investment casting components. The automation of the process will also allow AMPO to increase its competitiveness.

With the new facility AMPO will increase its Ceramic Moulding capacity up to 240 tons per month and 60 parts a day, quadrupling its current capacity.

The opening ceremony was attended by more than 30 representatives of large multinationals. Apart of visiting the new facilities, they also had the opportunity to contrast the current strategy of AMPO, being the European leader of stainless steel foundries.

The investment plan of 30M€ includes a new 12,500m2 machining shop with integrated Flexible Machining Systems.

With this new Ceramic Moulding production line, AMPO will offer high added value valve, pump, marine, separation & power generation components. Large leading groups of the sector such as ROLLS ROYCE, FLOWSERVE, METSO, VELAN, etc. who attended the opening ceremony already rely on this technology to develop their castings at AMPO.