AMPO and CTI (Castings Technology International) have signed a collaborative agreement whereby CTI will provide consulting services as well as functional advice to AMPO in order to provide higher added value to AMPO Foundry’s customers.

This agreement will help AMPO to continue to offer the most innovative and reliable solutions in the market to its customers, working together with CTI to further the development of several improvement and research lines including Ceramic Moulding, Shaped Centrifugal Castings (SCC), high alloy steels, patternless technology, production of bronze castings, etc.

AMPO FOUNDRY, which is based in Idiazabal, Spain and is a leader in service and the development and production of special material castings, has trusted in CTI due to its knowledge and experience in the development of advanced casting solutions. With this agreement AMPO, foresees a technological leap forward, applying the knowledge and methodology that CTI has previously implemented in sectors such as aeronautics, and optimizing its processes in terms of quality, service and cost.


A European-based American compressor manufacturer has trusted in AMPO FOUNDRY for the manufacture of a significant number of half-finished compressor castings.

In order to offer customers the widest possible range of castings and best solutions AMPO has 4 production lines: Sand Moulding, Ceramic Moulding, Shaped Centrifugal Casting (SCC) and Centrifugal spinning.

For the development and manufacturing of these compressor castings AMPO has used the Ceramic Moulding Technology, which enables the company to offer large cast components as well as complex geometries. This Moulding technology is moreover highly automatic, and this has enabled it to increase its competitiveness.

All these compressor castings have been tailor made in order to meet the requirements of the American customer. In addition to this, it should be noted that for the compressor manufacturer Service was a key factor in this project, and through AMPO’s “patternless” technology, both supplier and customer have been able to fulfill their commitments regarding to delivery times. Few months ago, so short delivery times were unimaginable.