AMPO FOUNDRY has developed Patternless Services for the production of large sand casting parts, with a maximum moulding box size of 3000mm x 3000mm, in order to meet customer requirements and continuously adapt to market needs.

This technology has been developed by the Engineering team of AMPO hand in hand with an International Research Centre, as well as with the guidance and the essential contribution of one of its main customers, obtaining an optimum patternless casting method. 

Due to this, AMPO has manufactured by Patternless and Sand Moulding technologies, a 48” butterfly valve body and disc for one of our main global customers.

With this technology there is no need to manufacture wooden patterns. Consequently, it is a very cost-effective way of producing one-off or small production run castings, with the following benefits; lead time reduction, manufacturing cost reduction, high integrity and dimensional accuracy castings, appropriate surface finishes, etc.

In order to offer customers the widest possible range of castings and best solutions, AMPO also has a completely integrated patternless service for small and medium size components within its cutting-edge Ceramic Moulding production line.

At AMPO FOUNDRY customers can find the most updated know-how and engineering services, offering the most reliable and competitive solutions, as well as aftermarket services.


A European-based American compressor manufacturer has trusted in AMPO FOUNDRY for the manufacture of a significant number of half-finished compressor castings.

In order to offer customers the widest possible range of castings and best solutions AMPO has 4 production lines: Sand Moulding, Ceramic Moulding, Shaped Centrifugal Casting (SCC) and Centrifugal spinning.

For the development and manufacturing of these compressor castings AMPO has used the Ceramic Moulding Technology, which enables the company to offer large cast components as well as complex geometries. This Moulding technology is moreover highly automatic, and this has enabled it to increase its competitiveness.

All these compressor castings have been tailor made in order to meet the requirements of the American customer. In addition to this, it should be noted that for the compressor manufacturer Service was a key factor in this project, and through AMPO’s “patternless” technology, both supplier and customer have been able to fulfill their commitments regarding to delivery times. Few months ago, so short delivery times were unimaginable.


Major pump manufacturers are relying on AMPO’s aftermarket service to manufacture complete machined pump components such as impellers, diffusers, suction bells, column pipes, bearing housings, chambers and bowls with really short delivery times.

At AMPO clients can find the most updated know-how and engineering services, including Reverse Engineering and Magma Soft simulations to offer and achieve reliable aftermarket pump solutions.

In the manufacturing of pump components for the aftermarket sector, AMPO implements the latest patternless casting technology in order to obtain high quality castings with dimensional accuracy and improved quality surface finish. With this patternless casting method, ceramic shells are produced in AMPO within a day.

Moreover, once the components are produced, AMPO FOUNDRY has an in-house laboratory and the latest NDT facilities (3D Dimensional Control, X-ray, Dye penetrant tests, magnetic particles, ultrasonic tests, PMI, etc.) in order to ensure the reliability of pump components.

AMPO also offers customized services such as pressure tests, balancing, pre-assembly and painting of components.

AMPO team guarantees a prompt response to customer needs wherever they may be; the organization has a clear orientation towards the development of components with short delivery requirements.  Pump assemblies in West Africa, Middle East, USA, China and India are currently being powered using AMPO components.