An international leading manufacturer of district heating valves for the entire heating network (from district heating power stations to pumping stations and individual buildings), has put trust in AMPO FOUNDRY for the manufacture of large size (>DN1000) stainless steel and pre-machined parts.

In order to offer customers the widest possible range of castings and best solutions AMPO has four production lines. In this case, for the development of this project, AMPO will use its cutting edge sand moulding facilities and all of the components will also be pre-machined on a 5 axis machining center with FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System). AMPO is currently completing the construction of a new 12,500 m2 machining workshop in Idiazabal (Spain), where it has invested in intelligent machine tools. AMPO’s machined components will provide customers with a significant added value, i.e. a reduction in total cost and delivery lead times, in addition to improving quality control.

The weight of the components will vary from 600 kgs to 1.2 tonnes.

At AMPO FOUNDRY customers can find the most updated know-how and engineering services, offering the most reliable solutions for district energy networks, power plants and internal heating and cooling systems for buildings.