AMPO FOUNDRY is developing together with its customer an aftermarket machined centrifugal pump casing in superduplex (A890 Gr5A) for the largest Desalination plant in Israel.

In the case of pump casings for desalination plants, it is important to consider sea water corrosion and abrasion problems. AMPO’s know how, expertise in special materials and capacity in casting technology, together with customers’ knowledge and experience in sea water pumping has led on the development of the best pump casing solution for corrosive and abrasive services.

Parts will be delivered complete ready for assembly and having in-house technology and being a global supplier has been the key to be chosen by the customer as a partner to develop this project. In this case AMPO FOUNDRY will use its cutting-edge sand moulding facilities, as well as its brand-new machining facilities with the most intelligent machine tools for the production of this casing. Moreover, X-Ray and hydro-tests will also be performed, together with an exhaustive analysis of mechanical properties to guarantee the highest quality level of the casting.

Actually 70% of the drinking water in Israel is sourced by desalination reverse-osmosis technology and the demand for the incoming years will be raising rapidly. Sea water is pumped 24 hours per day and pumps are subject to severe conditions due to the especially high content of salt in the area of Israel. Pump casings and impellers are being periodically replaced causing an increase of operational costs.

Pump casings and impellers must provide outstanding performance and exceptional reliability to customers for the most critical and tough corrosive applications. Consequently, it is important to count on an integrity foundry’s collaboration. AMPO FOUNDRY is an expert in duplex and super duplex steels and it has a wide experience in casting development for severe applications.

At AMPO FOUNDRY customers can find the most updated know-how and engineering services, offering the most reliable after market pump castings.